The Art of being happy

Sometimes there are those simple things in life that inspire you and make you happy & eager to share it with others…

Sometimes, just by seeing ugliness on the road, you may experience this unconstrained urge and willingness to transform it to something beautiful;

Like for example one day, when things were still normal and I passed by this little London alley, near Battersea in London, and – once again – I spotted those white washed tree trunks hanging proudly out there, as if they were waiting for somebody to save them from their miserable location and transform them to something magical on screen…

Which I did, by taking a photo of them, by giving them a new life on Instagram, new followers and new style!

That made me happy, presumably the tree trunks happy and I got the chance to share this transformation in public, before further transforming it to a magical painting for the 7LR collections…

The Art of Happiness is difficult, demanding and time-consuming. The reward, however, enormous, especially if you can share it with all of you, as this amazing book by Pippa Goodhard (illustrated beautifully by Ehsan Abdollahi) has taught me…

and this book was another old treasure finding at my old favourite Bloomsbury bookshop spot…

I miss those days..

An inspiring fable for the younger ones, an amazing tale, elegantly illustrated, to spark our creativity.

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