Pink mornings

We woke up this morning and the mood of the day was amazingly inviting us to something pink, Baker Miller pink *{we would suggest to dive into the ‘Secret Lives of Colour’ to find out more about the history of pink and other colours}. Refreshing as they are, strawberries can be so versatile. You eitherContinue reading “Pink mornings”

Dots or Stripes?

What do you think? Handmade Wall-Art featuring dots or stripes… Dots are currently on trend but they are so traditional in a way…The perfect gift for somebody who loves dots & lucky charms in all its forms. Handmade, original, rubber stamped, inked & painted on special crafts paper.Main colours: black, white, pink, gold and aContinue reading “Dots or Stripes?”

Inky Wall-art

7LittleRubbers creates unique and humorous inky paintings that combine rubber stamping techniques with freehand drawing and painting. We love extraordinary things and fairy tales and we enjoy making bespoke inky treasures telling a story; so share your inky thoughts. We also spend our time with playful charmed jewellery giving it a modern twist with features of ourContinue reading “Inky Wall-art”

Inky juice

Some mornings, we get thirsty… Looking around for basic ingredients, we discovered some inspiring ones…Extraordinarily, as we like it, we mixed them together….7LR inky juice (serves 2) INGREDIENTS Handful of kale 1/4 cucumber 1 red apple (including skin) some apple juice (we never follow receipts, maybe a small glass would be sufficient, add more ifContinue reading “Inky juice”