Pink mornings

We woke up this morning and the mood of the day was amazingly inviting us to something pink, Baker Miller pink *{we would suggest to dive into the ‘Secret Lives of Colour’ to find out more about the history of pink and other colours}.

Refreshing as they are, strawberries can be so versatile. You either like them or dislike them. Same as the colour pink. Looking a few years back, pink would not have been our choice of colour. Yet pink has become one of our favourite palettes. It features in our brand logo and in our wall-art. It has a calming quality, it is less girly than you think.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


-A handful of strawberries (love is in the air)

-250gr Kefir (fermented milk)

-Half the juice of a lime

Just throw them all in the blender to create this refreshing pink smoothie. We all need some pink moments in our lives.

Featuring here with 7LR Wall-Art- A box of Flowers
Enjoy your pink refreshing moments

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