7LR Melomakarona



·      500ml water

·      1 juicy orange, cut in half

·      500-800g crystal cane sugar (I would rather opt for less sugar..)

·      150ml Greek honey

·      3-4 cinnamon sticks (plus some ground cinnamon)

·      Clove (3)- you may combine ground clove & cinnamon

Do you feel the christmassy smells?

·      We add all the liquids (except the honey) in a small casserole and bring to boil. As soon as it has been boiled and the house is filled with christmassy smells, remove and set aside.

·      Add the Greek honey and let it cool



·      400 ml fresh orange juice

·      400 ml sunflower oil

·      180 ml olive oil

·      50g icing sugar

·      3tsp of ground cinnamon & 3tsp of ground clove (or a mix of the two)

·      1tsp of nutmeg

·      1tsp baking soda

·      Zest of two oranges & of one clementine

·      A shot of cognac or rum (rhum)

  • & some walnuts…. (two packs…. gently crashed…) & roasted sesame seeds

The art of christmassy baking

·      We mix the above liquids in a large bowl (NOT the syrup)

·      You will need 800g flour (all-purpose or even raising flour). However, keep this in a separate bowl.

·      Start mixing the liquid into the flour, gingerly and merrily… Use your hands to gently mix the two, but do not overdo it… This is not the art of bread making… You may need to add a bit more flour if it feels too liquid…

·      My 7LR secret is that we add a bit of crashed walnuts in the mix… (150g is more than enough…)

·      Start shaping and baking the melomakarona…Egg-shaped, dots, small or large…The Greek christmassy tradition of baking those delicious Greek honey cookies has been given a twist with our 7LR recipe….

  • Prepare the oven (180*) & use as many trays as required… Place the melomakarona on the tray (use a baking paper underneath).. Bake for approximately 30 minutes

·      Remove from oven and deep one by one the cookies in the syrup… Place them in your christmassy dishes and…..

·      Pour the crashed walnuts on top, including some of the roasted sesame seeds… You may pour the remaining syrup on top (if you want them even juicier, but do not overdo it, otherwise they will melt)…. Add some extra Greek honey on top…


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