7LR Pancakes

Pancake Day

This is the day and this is our recipe for fluffy pancakes..


-130g organic flour

-20g butter

-1tsp salt

-1-2 tsp brown sugar

-180ml of milk

-1 brown egg

-1tsp bicarbonate soda

-2tsp cinnamon

-1tsp vanilla


-Add the flour, the b.soda, the salt and the sugar in a large bowl

-Stir well the above

-Melt your butter (or room temperature even better) and add this to the centre of the bowl together with the rest of the ingredients (cinnamon last)

-Make sure you beat eggs first before adding to the above

-Stir everything well, the texture should feel thick and nice

-Take a pancake pan and add two drops of olive oil, turn on the fob

-Use a wooden spoon to add the thick batter in small portions to the frying pan, as much as your spoon can hold

-Improvise in creating your small doses of batter, shape them in circles

-After a minute or so, as soon as the pancakes start to form, flip the pancakes until they are cooked ready (a bit brownish in colour and fluffy inside)

-Repeat the process until all mixture has been used

-Enjoy them!

-You can enjoy them topped with greek honey and blueberries or greek honey and bananas… and a bit of butter…Style the 7LR Pancakes as you feel best! Happy Pancakes Day!!!

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