Ancient Greece Revisited

‘We are told that our cultures stand on ideas first thought in Greece, a very long time ago. But how much do we understand of this lost world? Is the petrified ideal of a “White Greece” something that Socrates would recognise as his own?’

‘ Or have we been fed the ideas of those who first reclaimed his culture?’

‘”Ancient Greece Revisited” is the result of an effort from a (modern) team of Greeks to find a new access to their culture. Through the orgiastic rituals of Dionysus and the true meaning of Eros, to the miracle of democracy and its original and best critique, from the people who fist developed it. We promise to bring to life a vision of Greece that goes against the “whitewashed” version that British Hellenists made universal to this day. A world of the past that could inspire the future.’

A must see, must follow, a humorous way of accessing culture nowadays..

Eros the Bittersweet

The Bleeding God

Epicurus the final cut

Indulge, relax, stay home & watch….. Topical & modern, real & timeless… We all need our ‘muse to sing’

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