Sleepless nights

This is from a painting we spotted once in some London art fairs/ galleries, but cannot remember when…We like it…

Late at night and insomnia pays a visit. This post is taken from an old post and reminds me of my last weeks of pregnancy when my body was getting prepared for those long sleepless nights post birth.

The art of being pregnant is quite unique. Feels so far away though. Most of us have artistic thoughts about it, most of us colour thoughts about it. How does it feel to be pregnant? And then this precious moment arrives and most of us sparkle with happiness. It lasts nine months and it monopolises our everyday activities until we give birth and then time flies. The art of pregnancy:

Big big appetite; although for me this only occurred following birth!

Endless planning ahead; and lots of money to spend for the future bebinos of the world!

Patience; for everybody around us, at least this is what rumors say!

Reality strikes; You will need to take care of somebody else besides yourselves!

Emotion; Oh yes, especially the last trimester, there are lots of ups & downs!

Gorgeous looks; pregnancy makes you sparkle, admit it!

Nourishment; Start a healthy diet.

Anticipation; when, how, will it hurt, how does he/she will look like?

Nausea; some of us feel sick, yes, indeed! I was a lucky one!

Time has come, we need to rush to the hospital, or wait until the last-minute for some!

Well, those days are long gone for our family. Having said this, I came across an old post of mine, under an old baby blog I had created ages ago, named ‘Beboirism’ (no longer in use).

If you were to take a snapshot of us at this right moment, photo number 3 or 5 could easily apply today to our bed story. My little one is sleeping right next to me. (oh well not so little nowadays).

And guess what? He enjoys it. Or is it just me? It is well known that moms spoil their kids and there is no doubt that moms spoil their little boys. The photo actually tells our true story. How many of you have not pondered about having your babies in bed? How many of you find this so familiar? Yes, I admit it, I enjoy it. I know it is not something that baby- even more kids books would recommend. I am certain this is not part of the baby/kids routine or the Baby Savoir Vivre. He is getting spoiled? Yes, he is. We will regret it later, yes we may. But right now, he sleeps like a king, happily smiling and enjoying those special sleepy moments.

This is still the case now, six years later….Well, let us enjoy those moments and get spoiled, at least for a few evenings in lockdown.

Dedicated to our 7LR girlfriends, to Anna & Eleftheria.

Baby sleeping with parents

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