Our 7LR Lemonade

Fresh, homemade and greek honey-sweet bitter in taste

Beat the Sunday afternoon blues with freshly homemade lemonade. ‘Simplicity’ is the queen of the kitchen, so we believe at least at 7LR.


-Fresh, juicy lemons- to make around 200ml

-4 tsp Greek honey

-400ml water

-Sparkling water

-Fresh Rosemary (optional)

-Ice cubes


-Remove the lemon skin and set aside. Squeeze the juice of the lemons and then use a colander to drain it (keep aside).

-In the meantime, add the water and honey in a small caserole and bring the water to the boil (stir gently). As soon as it starts boiling, leave for a minute or two and then set aside to cool, together with the skin from the lemons

-Mix the juices together, (use a colander to drain), but remove the lemon skin

-You can keep the mixture in the fridge for a few days-keep it in sterilised bottles


-Enjoy your lemonade in a glass filled with ice (and some rosemary from your garden). Pour some of the lemonade juice in your choice of glass and mix it with equal amount of sparkling water….Refreshing, light & invigorating…

Lemonade that smiles at you!

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