Our 7LR Lemonade

Fresh, homemade and greek honey-sweet bitter in taste Beat the Sunday afternoon blues with freshly homemade lemonade. ‘Simplicity’ is the queen of the kitchen, so we believe at least at 7LR. INGREDIENTS -Fresh, juicy lemons- to make around 200ml -4 tsp Greek honey -400ml water -Sparkling water -Fresh Rosemary (optional) -Ice cubes PREPARATION -Remove theContinue reading “Our 7LR Lemonade”

The 7LR Pavlova

Start pouring the meringue slowly into the drawn circle with a large spoon. You just need to feel that you are building it, like a form of blocks of fluffiness stacked in an arty way at the edges and within the circle. Rise the borders higher than the centre. (I am sure you all have seen how a Pavlova looks like!)

Earthy coloured eggs

It is Holy Thursday today and tradition has it that we dye our Greek Orthodox Easter eggs. In red! However, we are totally unprepared and red is not our colour. We have decided, therefore, to embark on a brave mission and create our colourful palette for this purpose by using only natural ingredients… That meansContinue reading “Earthy coloured eggs”

The triumph of le Blanc

Give us some white and by ‘the stripes’ we are healed. Enjoy simplicity, functionality and pure white this Easter. Receive the light and offer back your wishes. 7LR would have made to offer these white candles – ‘lampades’ -for friends and family. However, lockdown had other plans this year.. Let the triumph of white ruleContinue reading “The triumph of le Blanc”

We’re going on an Egg hunt

It’s Easter 2020 and we follow the tradition in the UK and we’re going on an egg hunt.. We hide and seek the eggs hidden in the garden, in the house, in our wishes… Colourful, wooden, plastic, hard boiled, dyed, painted, coloured, eggs. Chocolate eggs, bunnies, colourful ovals, resurfacing in the little hands. Hidden gems,Continue reading “We’re going on an Egg hunt”